Saturday, January 10, 2015

NOW PLAYING @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

NOW PLAYING @ The Dedicated Rocker Society 
Playlist compiled by The Atomic Chaser & The Rocker for Dedicated Rocker Productions

Wasted Time by Robert Pehrsson's Humbucker 
(from, 'Robert Pehrsson's Humbucker')
Scapegoat by Farmikos
(from, 'Farmikos')
Turn Back Time by Revolution Saints
(from, 'Revolution Saints')
Die For Me by TEN
(from, 'Albion')
We Are One by The Winery Dogs
(from, 'The Winery Dogs')
Sleeping My Day Away by D-A-D
(from, 'No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims')
I'll Be The First by Kill It Kid
(from, 'You Owe Nothing')
Let The Wind Blow by Texas Flood
(from, 'Young Dogs Old Tricks')
The Wire by Skam
(from, 'Peacemaker')
Red On The Sleeve by Gotthard
(from, 'Bang')
Garden Of Eden by Harem Scarem
(from, 'Thirteen')
Burning Sky by Lynch Mob
(from, 'Sun Red Sun')
The Storm by Eclipse
(from, 'Armageddonize')
You're The Captain by .38 Special
(from, 'Rockin' Into The Night')
Back At The Double by House Of Spirits
(from, 'Psychosphere')
Heart Of A Lion by Twentydarkseven
(from, 'Roar')
Cry No More by Level 10
(from, 'Chapter One')
Red Barchetta by Rush
(from, 'Moving Pictures')
Diggin' A Hole by Big Sugar
(from, 'Hit And Run')
Red Dress by Massive Wagons
(from, Fight The System')
New Horizon by The Answer
(from, 'New Horizon')
Does It Feel Like Love by In Faith
(from, 'There's A Storm Coming')
Walking On Water by Jorn Lande & Trond Holter
(from, ' DRACULA - Swing Of Death')
Judgement Day by Whitesnake
(from, 'Slip Of The Tongue')
Aces by Rival State
(from, 'Youth Tax')
The Fall by Soto 
(from, 'Inside The Vertigo')
The Silence Is Broken by Damn Yankees
(from, 'Don't Tread On Me')
Life's What You Make It by Captain Black Beard
(from, 'Before Plastic')

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