Tuesday, January 27, 2015


(Miner Records)

'Elegia-Balcanica' the fifth studio release, from Serbian prog rockers, Alogia showcases an accessible, sleek and powerful sound. The band is comprised of, Nikola Mijic on vocals, Srdjan Brankovic on guitars, Miroslaw Brankovic on guitars, Vladimir Ranisavljevic on bass and Srdjan Golubica on drums. The songs on 'Elegia-Balcanica' have a definite melodic influence and are radio-ready. This is not a detriment however. This is accessible music done right. The melodies are compelling, the arrangements intelligent. Also, the production is absolutely perfect. Everything is crisp, clear and powerful. The album opens with the instrumental powerhouse "Almagest” then flows into “Callis Ad Astra" with Nikola Mijic showcasing his vocal prowess. The there is "Galija” an aggressive melodic mover powered by Srdjan Golubica's amazing drum work and aggressive rhythm guitar.  Other highlights include;  the metallic vibe of “Vreme Je”, the upbeat rocker “Ona Zna (Lilith)”, while “U TiĊĦini" and the album's bonus track, “Intentionally Blind" put the band's super-tight talents as musicians in fine form. If you're new to the Alogia party like me, here's what to expect...a ridiculously tight rhythm section, uplifiting guitar and key solos, tremendous vocal performances, and world-class song arrangement. Whether you speak Serbian or not, AlogiA’s 'Elegia-Balcanica' is an amazing album musically.  If you're a progressive rock/metal fan just now discovering the band, then kudos to you! You're now in on a well-kept secret.- Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society / All Access Magazine

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