Wednesday, May 6, 2015


AMERICAN TRASH by Beauvoir Free
(Frontier Records)

Jean Beauvoir and Micki Free the driving forces behind the self titled debut of AOR legends Crown Of Thorns in 1994 have reunited to form their new project, Beauvoir Free and release their  highly anticipated debut recording, 'American Trash'. The duo sought out to recapture that magic they created in Crown Of Thorns and I'm here to say Jean Beauvoir and Micki Free have recreated that magic flawlessly! 'American Trash' is simply a powerhouse of recording. The biggest treat, to me, is the killer vocals that Jean Beauvoir delivers on this record. His singing is incredibly soulful and powerful and easy on the ears. Micki Free' s guitar work from start to finish is soulful and spicey. The proof is in the songs, and you can pretty much pick any of the songs on this recording at random and find an absolutely killer single worthy melodic rocker. "Angels Cry", "Morning After", the title track,"Whiplash", and "Shotgun To The Heart" are particularly convincing. There have been some really good melodic rock releases so far this year, but with 'American Trash' has a top spot reserved on my "Best Rock Albums of 2015 List". Rarely do I like every song on an album but these guys nailed it.  I could not be more pleased with every aspect of what Jean Beauvoir and Micki Free have created with 'American Trash', from the song writing to the excellent guitar work to the great hooks, you will love this album period. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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