Sunday, May 10, 2015


by Palace Of The King
(Devil's Music Records)

Having grown up in the 70's and 80's, 'White Bird/Burn The Sky' the debut release from Aussie based rockers, Palace Of The King fires on all cylinders for me. The band is comprised of, Tim Hewood, Vocals & Percussion, Leigh Maden on guitars, Matthew Harrison on guitars, Andrew Gilpin on bass guitar, Anthony Troiano on drums and Sean Johnston on keyboards. If you have never heard of Palace Of The King, do yourself a favor and get this release. This is REAL rock music like it's meant to be played. Raw, Energetic, Imaginative, and Boundary-pushing. From the opening riff of "Take Your Medicine" you are placed on familiar but fresh musical ground. The vocal stylings of Tim Hewood are a cross between early Geddy Lee of Rush and Burke Shelly from Budgie. His vocal phrasings and whiskey blues vocals are what pushes these songs over the top and make them instant classics. "No Chance In Hell", "Another Thing Coming", "Leave Me Behind", "Devil's Daughter" and "Get Back Up (Burn The Sky)", are guaranteed to get your rock and roll juices flowing in no time flat. The guitars courtesy of Leigh Maden and Matthew Harrison are just big gigantic riffs which the songs revolve around heavily colored with fuzz pedals and slide effects. It's evident that these lads were heavily influenced by guitar legends like Jimmy Page and Paul Kossoff. Andrew Gilpin, bass playing is awesome, and Anthony Troiano on drums has that "John Bonham" thing going on which adds to the classic rock feel that runs through all of the tunes. Sean Johnston's keyboards playing is tastefully done. They don't overtake any of the songs, but embellish them by adding substance. There is a freshness and spark to the songs that give them a magical type quality when the music is blasting out of your speakers. Palace Of The King serve up ass-kickin’, gutsy, rock ‘n’ roll for rockers who want to experience pure rock and roll ecstasy. Put simply, Palace Of The King are the real deal, and they rock like a Mother! - Highly Recommended 
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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