Friday, May 1, 2015


(Glassville Records)

For those who appreciate variant musical styles, 'Hollow Shrine', the full length debut release by the Atlanta based band, The SixxiS, should be a no-brainer for your collection. It's an absolutely stunning album from start to finish. The SixxiS is comprised of Vladdy Iskhakov (lead vocals, violin, piano, and rhythm guitar), Mark Golden (bass guitar, synth), and Josh “JBake” Baker (drums, percussion, pads, vocals). They have also recently added multi-instrumentalists Paul Sorah and Cameron Allen to their lineup. Each member of the band brings a completely different influence to the compositions, giving the band its life and a sound that separates itself from everything else. The mix of rock, progressive rock, and catchy hooks is prefect. 'Hollow Shrine' is a superb effort of well-written songs and creative arrangements. The band are tight and the songs do a good job of taking the band's influences by injecting a progression of 'twists' and big endings. I had to reawaken my brain to really take in the immense intricacies in each song and by the end of this I was completely in awe of the brilliance of a band. What stands out from the outset is the production and mixing of the album where every instrument simply shines with strength. The more complex cuts will probably not appeal to a mainstream demographic, although some tracks like "Dreamers", "Long Ago" and "Forgotten Son" will catch the average listener's attention with their riveting melodies. Other highlights include; "Home Again","Waste Of Time", "Out Alive" and "Weeping Willow Tree". The SixxiS manage to fuse powerful lyrics and melodies with searing riffs and technical complexity. Rare is the band that pulls off such a cacophony of stylistic nonconformity and makes it work. The SixxiS not only makes it work, but makes it enjoyable to listen to. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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