Tuesday, March 1, 2016


BEYOND THE SUN by Sons Of Icarus
(Sons of Icarus Recordings)

'Beyond The Sun' is the much anticipated debut album by the United Kingdoms very own rock juggernaut Sons Of Icarus. Ten tracks of supercharged rock and thunderous roll, heads down, no nonsense, ear shattering, ball busting organic, melodic goodness. The band is comprised of, Andy Masson - Vocals/Guitar, Steve Balkwill - Guitar, Alex Masson - Bass/Backing Vocals and Mike 'Quilly' Mcquillan - Drums. After having heard and being thoroughly impressed with the band's debut 4 track EP, ‘You Want It All’, I was hoping that a full length recording would deliver the goods and it surely does. Right from the get go with, "Let It Burn", the lads unleash a barrage of riff induced rockers in the form of, "Make Amends", "Please Come Home", the mid tempo, "Falling" and "You Want It All". Ten tracks in all guaranteed to shake your foundation. Essentially it's an all out rocker of an album that does what it says. Think of all of those debut albums in the past that made you think "wow - this is amazing" - you can safely add the monstrous debut, 'Beyond The Sun' by Sons Of Icarus to that list. Heavy , riff-laden, rock with power, attitude, melody, power and angst. This is a band that knows how to dish out no-nonsense, kick-ass, rock-n-roll and they never let up throughout and is an essential addition to your rock music collection. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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