Friday, March 11, 2016


(Interscope Records)

Luke Spiller (Vocals), Addo Slack (Guitar), Jed Elliott (Bass) and Gethin Davies (Drums) make up Derbyshire, England based rock band The Struts. The band's debut release, ' Everybody Wants', finally makes its way onto American soil. So, what are The Struts all about? They pay homage to so many of our great British bands, yet they don't ever feel dated, or specific to one particular decade. If you love classic British rock you really need to check these lads out. Influences, I hear, ranges from Queen, Slade and The Rolling Stones. From the stadium rocker "Could Have Been Me" to The Rolling Stones vibe of "Kiss This" there are some proper gems. "Put Your Money On Me",  "She Makes Me Feel", "Black Swan" and "Where Did She Go" are great tracks as well. What I really found surprising is that it is not an album that takes lots of plays to get into it. Completely addicting. The hooks are insane, the guitar work great and the lyrics cool, clever and funny at the same time. The energy and fun these lads deliver on this recording just bleeds right out of the speakers. You might think you have heard it before. You haven't.  'Everybody Wants' is a great listen and I would definitely recommend it. It's refreshing to hear a band put out good pop songs that stick and make you grin. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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