Tuesday, March 1, 2016

CD REVIEW: NOMADS by Love And A .38

NOMADS by Love And A .38
 (Independent Release)

Los Angeles-based rockers Love And A 38 are back with their latest release, 'Nomads', a rock record with clear vocals, melodic rhythms and tons of attitude with a deliciously trashy, roughed-up edge. The band is powered by Ryan Hudson - Lead vocals,  Domo Domaracki - Guitars, Justin Emord - bass and Clark Skelton - Drums. Clearly Love And A 38 are not influenced by the countless label executives that roll up their sleeves and tell new modern rock bands that you need to sound like Nickleback in order to sell a CD. The songs on 'Nomad' are loaded with energy so that they fit seamlessly into this album.  "Oh My God" and "Just Like Regret" are both great start points for new comers to the band, and fans of classic hard rock will likely sink their teeth into, "Big Leg Betty" and "Holy War". All the tracks have enough crunch to rock you and hooks that stick in your head for days. Love And A .38  manages to combine a driving rock beat with a lyrically driven melody that together produce some truly entertaining and compelling music.  The bottom line is that it's impossible to play this album and not have a good time. Once it starts, you will rock out! What more can you ask for?   - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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