Friday, March 11, 2016

CD REVIEW: SHAKE IT by Karma Cowboys

SHAKE IT by Karma Cowboys

Shake It', the debut release from Denmark's, Karma Cowboys, Thomas Klovn Carlsen (aka Ayatollah Rock'n'Roller) on vocals,  Morten Lundsgaard on guitar, Nikolaj Storr on bass and Jakob Roenlov on drums. The quartet have a retro rock sound that is an adrenaline rush of rock influenced by greats like AC/DC and Led Zeppelin but with an original spin. One thing for sure this album was made to blow out stereo speakers.  From start to finish the album is  loaded with riff induced rockers such as the "Bad TV", "Shine On Tomorrow", "Slammed Shut", "Shooting Star" and "Wishing Well". The guitars are loud and on point. The vocals are charismatic, and the  choruses keep it all together. 'Shake It' works on every level, and it's just well done in every way. It rocks hard, sounds fantastic, and as all great music does, forces you to listen.  It hits on all cylinders, well written songs, tremendous musicianship and a ton of energy and real passion. Musical variety is not lacking on this album as it does with so much recorded music today. Who said there's no awesome rock music being made these days? Fans of infectious, high energy, whiskey-soaked, whiplash-inducing working man's rock will eat this album up big time! - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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