Friday, July 8, 2016

ALL THIS COULD BE YOURS by Shotgun Revolution

by Shotgun Revolution
(Target Records)

'All This Could Be Yours" the latest release from Danish rockers Shotgun Revolution has a blues rock southern swagger written all over it. Shotgun Revolution is comprised of, Ditlev Ulriksen (vocals), Martin Frank (guitar), Henrik Berger (guitar), Michael V. Carlsen (bass) and Kasper Lund (drums).  While it might be a slight difference from their previous releases,  The band still delivers a new refreshing look into the world of modern blues based hard rock as well as firmly sticking to their roots. From start to finish the entire album rocks and rolls through to songs to the get up and fight songs there really isn't a weak spot on the album. If I had to take favorites I would say the foot stomping opener, "Don't Stop That Grind", the adrenaline pumping, "Rise To Power" and the bump and grind of "City On Fire". Other favorites include, "God's Damned Property" and the album closer "River Of Dreams". Shotgun Revolution are is a full-throttle modern rock band, with guitars that rock and a groove laden rhythmic attack. The high level of musicianship that they exhibit on this release should be commended. 'All This Could Be Yours' is an album that you can play from one end to the other, perfect for parties with your friends or chugging down the highway with the top down and the volume knob cranked to the max! 
   Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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