Monday, July 25, 2016

PROMISE by Jace Pawlak

PROMISE by Jace Pawlak 
(Kivel Records)

Every now and again, a melodic rock album comes along that transcends the temporary nature of the genre, and has a lasting impact on the listener. Jace Pawlak's latest release, 'Promise' is one such recording. Known mostly in the melodic rock underground as a songwriter for other artists, has created a real masterpiece with this new release. Front to back this is just a very enjoyable album,  The album starts with, "Tonight Is Everything" an extremely catchy track that draws you in with irresistible melodic charm. Things pick up with, "Before You Run" and the mid tempo, "Every Now And Then". Three songs in an this recording has just blown me away. This recording truly loaded with some of the AOR flavored songs that I've heard this year. Other highlights include, "Too Late", "Waiting", "Can't Find My Heart" and the album closing, "Nothing But Rain". Pawlak's latest offering is by and large extremely well produced, arranged and in very good taste.  It is one of the most melodic and energetic recordings created by an artist who is out of this world talented. Makes me wonder why Jace Pawlak hasn't received the recognition that he truly deserves. If you haven't heard of Jace Pawlak yet, you're really missing out. 'Promise' is a definite must own for anyone who's a big melodic rock fan or anyone who loves and appreciates really good music. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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