Friday, July 1, 2016


(Legend Records)

UK AOR legends Dare return with their latest and highly anticipated, 'Sacred Ground', the band's seventh studio release. Darren Wharton on vocals, Vinny Burns on guitars, Nigel Clutterbuck on bass, Marc Roberts on keyboards and Kevin Whitehead on drums. I was so happy to see Darren and Vinny back together again. The chemistry they shared on the band's first two releases, 'Out Of The Silence' and 'Blood From Stone' is still in tact and tight as ever. So, what kind of magic have Dare come up with this time around? Well, let's just say there are recordings that instantly grab you, while others tend to grow on you. What makes ' Sacred Ground' stand out is that it does both. For me, good songwriting and musical arrangements are always the core of a good album and this album has these qualities ten fold. The initial listen reveals a fantastic sounding album with mesmerizing songs and amazing vocals, but it was on repeated listens where this recording blew me away. An intoxicating blend of smooth rock infused with Celtic influences, mesmerizing melodies and Darren's sultry vocal style combined with Vinny's mesmerizing guitar lines are beautifully represented throughout the album. Drawing you in as soon as the album opener, the spellbinding, "Home" comes on. Other highlights include; the majestic, "I Hear You Pray", the touching "Every Time We Say Goodbye", "Days of Summer", "You Carried Me" and  "Along The Heather" are simply out of this world. The songs are delivered with such passion. Overall, in my opinion, 'Sacred Ground’ could well be Dare's finest work to date. Yes, it's that good. From the superb production to the master class songwriting. This album is simply flawless. Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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