Tuesday, July 12, 2016


by Blindside Blues Band
(Grooveyard Records)

'Journey To The Stars' is yet another mind blowing album by the Blindside Blues Band, featuring some of the best songs the band has written to date. Mike Onesko on vocals and guitar, Martin J. Andersen (Blindstone) on guitar, Steve Evans on bass and Jeff Martin on drums. This powerhouse of an album opens with the smoking title track powered by Onesko's and Andersen's guitar work that immediately draws the listener in. From there on its one smoking track right after another. Highlights include, "Rock N' Roll Is My Life", "Calling My Name", the rattlesnake rocker, "Freight Train", "Fly On High" and "Rolling Down The Highway". All eleven songs offered up are absolutely killer and the band plays each song with a hunger that you don't hear often enough in today's music. The guitar tandem of Onesko and Andersen are a match made in heaven.  Both are amazing players. Each bringing their individual six string skill set to the table making for one hell of a listening experience. One thing is for certain they held nothing back in the guitar department. These guy's are monsters! Not to be outshined are the tight rhythm of bassist Steve Evans and drummer, Jeff Martin (X- Badlands/Racer X). The thing about, 'Journey To The Stars' and the Blindside Blues Band in general is that it brings you back to what was truly great about driving blues rock before it got taken over by the hair bands of the 80's. This is rock and roll that is reminiscent of the past but never imitative and not revisionist. Rock on Blindside Blues Band!-
  Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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