Friday, October 7, 2016

CD REVIEW: ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT by Imperial State Electric

ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT by Imperial State Electric 
(Psychout Recordings)

Swedish based rockers Imperial State Electric are back with their latest release, ' All Through The Night'.  Nicke Andersson, on vocals, guitar, Dolf de Borst on backing vocals, bass Tobias Eggenon backing vocals, guitar and Tomas Eriksson on drums, percussion. For those who like their rock n roll on a more retro tip and haven't heard of Imperial State Electric they are a band you should definitely check out. As soon as you put press play you get that warm feeling that you just might end up jumping around the room playing your air guitar. I have to say, the guitars have been brought a bit more to the front of the mix this time around and especially on the tracks like, "Empire Of Fire" and "Bad Timing". That being said, there are many stand out tracks on this album, notably the catchy title track, "Remove Your Doubt", a track that could have been taken off any Hellacopters' album. "Over And Over Again", the adrenaline filled rock and rolling, "Get Off The Boo Boo Train" and "Would You Lie". In general this is a very varied album and thus every song is memorable. If you liked the band's previous outing like, 'Reptile Brain Music' and "Honk Machine', you should not delay in checking out, ' All Through The Night'.  Big guitars, great production, and songs that stick to your brain  It's that good. No matter which album of this band you get, you will not be disappointed. Great place to start your collection as well. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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