Friday, October 28, 2016


SWAMP REBEL MACHINE by Scattered Hamlet
(Buck Moon Productions)

Scattered Hamlet are back with their sophomore release, 'Swamp Rebel Machine'. They've come through with 11 songs of riff loaded swampy, intense rumble-rock they've coined "Honky Tonk metal". Picking up where they left off with the debut, 'Skeleton Dixie'. The band is comprised of, Adam Joad - Vocals, Harmonica, Guitar; Jake Delling Le Bas - Drums; Richard Erwin - Bass, Vocals; Adam Newell - Lead Guitar, Vocals. Dishing out a high octane powered sound that is packed with one hellacious attitude. The mixture of hard rock, metal, and southern fried country rock hits you in the face like a sledgehammer.  Right off the bat, "Battle Hymn", sets things off like a stick of dynamite. From there your senses are hit from all angles with rockers like, "Whip-Poor-Will", " "Stonewall Jackson", the down and dirty title track, "Outlaw Breed" and the Molly Hatchet vibe of, "Rimfire". This album is 100 % proof of supercharged rock and one that begs to be played at maximum volume.  If you're a fan of bands like Down, Kyuss, Nashville Pussy, Sixty Watt Shaman, Corrosion of Conformity, and just good ol' hard rock in general, then you'll appreciate what Scattered Hamlet bring to the table. Overall, 'Swamp Rebel Machine' is packed with  a strong set of songs. A damn, damn strong set of songs. If you like Scattered Hamlet already this album is a must-have, it's a fresh and vital sounding blast of the band doing what they do best with enough of a twist not to sound like they're repeating themselves. If you are new to the band, it would be a great place to start.
Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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