Friday, October 7, 2016

CD REVIEW: GRIT by Psycho Kiss

GRIT by Psycho Kiss
(Independent Release)

There is a massive shortage of quality female fronted hard rock. While groups like Nightwish are abundant, true hard hitting rock is much harder to find. Which makes the latest release by UK based rockers, Psycho Kiss called,  'Grit' a breathe of fresh air.  The band is comprised of, Helen Ceri Clarke on vocals, Paul O Brien on lead guitar,  Tom Williams on bass,  Pete Rose rhythm guitar and  Pennfold on drums. The band's writing comes across as  genuine. They present the familiar themes of sex, love, rocking out and rebellion in their own style without making them sound cliche'. Helen Ceri Clarke's vocals are powerful and versatile as she can go. From melodic to belting out all out rockers with the best of them and the band is tight with all the songs mixed to emphasize that each musician knows how to play their weapon of choice. The songs are all effectively structured and the lyrics are well written rockers that deliver the goods. There is a great range of intensities on this album. The band's passion for the music clearly comes across in all eleven tracks and the album is stronger for it.  From the ballsy titled track" that sets the table for rockers like, "Scream Queens", "Sociopathic Superstar", "Even Better If", "Devil Inside" and "Bloodmoon". I kid you not, this album is fully loaded and guaranteed to rock your senses. The bottom line here is simple.  A rock solid and well produced album of hard rock music the way it was meant to be. In an age of over-produced, synthetic junk, "Grit" is an album with great songs that have bite. Psycho Kiss is a rock band who knows the meaning of how to rock and can back it up.- Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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