Friday, October 21, 2016


CONTAGIOUS by Overland 
(Escape Music)

One of the best voices in rock music, Steve Overland returns with his latest endeavor, 'Contagious' and if you like an album that is packed with great melodic rock songs, this album is certainly that. Like his previous solo efforts, 'Diamond Dealer' and 'Epic', this new album is everything any fan of melodic rock could ever want. Backing Steve up are, Tommy Denander (guitar, keyboards), Tony Franklin (bass) and Lars Chriss (drums). I've been a fan of Steve Overland since the 80's when he fronted Wildlife and of course his classic work with FM and the other numerous projects he's been involved in. For me, it doesn't matter who Steve Overland works with, everything he does is superb. 'Contagious' is proof of that. Highlighted with tracks like, "Doctor My ", "Edge Of The Universe", "Wildest Dreams", "Pocket Full Of Dreams" and "Shame On You", the songs are well crafted, well balanced and well produced. Steve Overland's is one point sounding soulful and powerful as ever, and it would be remiss not to mention, Tommy Denander's outstanding guitar work and the tight groove served up by Tony Franklin and Lars Chriss. The overall chemistry of the musicians fit the songs like a glove. If you like melodic rock music with catchy hooks, sing along choruses and love singing along an open highway in the Summer with the roof down, this album is just what the doctor ordered. Steve Overland with 'Contagious' has put out a another great album that is executed with power and finesse from beginning to end. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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