Monday, July 10, 2017


RIDE THE STORM by Don Barnes
(Melodic Rock Records)

So we had to wait three decades to hear 'Ride The Storm', the debut release from former 38. Special frontman, Don Barnes. As I listen, I'm shaking my head wondering why record executives decided to shelve it?!  This album is easily on par with 38. Special's classics, 'Wild Eyed Southern Boys' and 'Special Forces', It's that good. This two CD set features the album in its intended form, plus a second ‘alternate mix’ disc, on which three additional bonus tracks "Through The Eyes Of Love", "Looking For Juliet" and Let's Talk About Love". No exaggeration on how this album is, check out the musical firepower Don Barnes assembled to make this gem of a album. Dann Huff (guitar), Tim Pierce (guitar), Martin Briley (keyboards, guitar)Jesse Harms (keyboards)Alan Pasqua (keyboards), Mike Porcaro (bass), Jeff Porcaro (drums and )Denny Carmassi (drums). As soon as your press play the album launches into the title track and sets the table for one memorable listening experience. No fillers here, all ten tracks are winners. Personal favorites include, "Looking For You", "I Fall Back", "Don't Look Down","Maybe You'll Believe Me Now" and a awesome take the Chicago classic, "Feelin' Stronger Every Day". You can play this album straight through without skipping forward. You can feel the energy and passion in each song played by out of this world amazing musicians. For me, listening to this album reminded why I became a fan of Don Barnes. Though the wait was long, it was definitely worth it!
 Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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