Wednesday, July 19, 2017


(The Fish Factory)

Spain based rockers, XTASY are back with their sophomore release, 'Second Chance', and it isanother superb example of high quality melodic rock. The songs are solid combining elements such as smooth and memorable vocal melodies, strong guitar solos, lively performances, and solid production. The majority of the eleven songs here are definite up tempo for sure.  Highlights include the cracking opening track "Into The Fire" the hook laden chorus of "One In A Million" the awesome drive of "Said And Done" and the tasty guitar riff of "Speed Of Light". ' Second Chance' gives the Melodic Rock fans exactly what they're looking for, with songs that stick in the ears from the first second and amazing musical licks.
Despite the fact that 'Second Chance' doesn't surpass the amazing heights of their debut album, it is still going to please most fans of this style of music without becoming a classic album of the genre. Overall, The album shows that the band has matured and have gelled perfectly together in a very natural way, presenting a sound which encompasses different influences and is now defined and recognizable as their own.

 Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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