Monday, July 31, 2017


KRYPTONITE by Kryptonite
(Frontier Records)

What happens when you put together a band that is made up of musicians from four of Sweden's finest rock bands, Jakob Samuel on vocals from The Poodles, Michael Palace on guitars from Palace, Pontus Egberg on bass from TREAT and Robban Bäck on drums from Eclipse? You get a supergroup called, Kryptonite. The band deliver the goods giving what  music fans perceive as Melodic Hard Rock today. It's classic but modern at the same time, groovy and cool. Every aspect of the album screams quality, the song writing is of a very high standard and isn't clichéd as some songs seem to be, the musicianship is on point and production is top notch, crisp and clear as a bell. Jakob Samuel knows how to use his voice effectively which just makes everything fit. There is also a very good flow to the album. The quality is present throughout and they just work together perfectly. There are eleven songs on this debut outing and they’re all first rate. The albums kicks off with the excellent, "Chasing Fire" and follows with the hard hitting, "This Is The Moment" and this largely sets the mood for what to expect for the rest of the record. There’s not a single dud here. Every one of these songs will have you singing along by your second spin, if not your first. And make no mistake, you will be spinning this one…a lot. The bottom line here is, If you like what any of these players done in their respective bands, then you'll undoubtedly enjoy this as well. This is easily one of the better releases this year. Personally,  I hope Kryptonite get together again as it would be nice to think that there would be a follow up to what is an excellent melodic rock debut release.
 Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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