Thursday, January 4, 2018

2017 Honor Roll @ The Dedicated Rocker Society PT 1

2017 Honor Roll @ The Dedicated Rocker Society
To all the bands/artist that made this year a rocking one for us @ The DRS we say, THANK YOU!

Here are our picks for 2017
(in no particular order)

Part One:

Gothica by Ten 
TEN produced another great piece of epic music with 'Gothica' . One of the most under rated bands in the UK and the rest of the world, despite producing great melodic rock albums over the years.

California by Riverdogs
The Mission by Styx
Shake The Cage by Freddie Nelson
Rectifier by The Lad Classic
Smoke On This by Rex Brown
Horizon by The Owl Company
Volando by Tracy G Grijalva
Second Nature by Lionheart
Vendetta by Niterain
Firebird by Maverick
Silver by Gotthard
Winter In Paradise by Sweet Mary Jane
Grace Street by Big Wreck

Sainted Sinners by Sainted Sinners
What this powerhouse of a band have done here is tapped into a tried and true formula that works, there is no reinventing the wheel here, just great song writing, melody, edgy guitar and passion for the genre. Well done Sainted Sinners!

Degreed by Degreed
Battlezone by Scherer/Batten
Ghost Of Yet To Come by The Wayward Sons
Dark Manoeuvrse by Devilfire
Aerial by Newman
Commencing Countdown by Travelin' Jack
Kee Of Hearts by Kee Of Hearts
Bear Bone Company by Bear Bone Company

Streets Of Chance by Tony Mills
a premium blend of melodic rock album from a guy with a proven track record of releasing first rate melodic rock albums. What more can you ask for? 'Streets Of Chance', in my opinion is Tony Mills' best work to date and one of best releases I've heard this year.

Shades Of Gray by Myke Gray
Exile And Grace by King King
WW III by Walkway
Truth Be Told by Bad Touch
Bigfoot by Bigfoot
Light In The Dark by Revolution Saints
Tokyo Motor Fist by Tokyo Motor Fist
Got Newz by King Bird
About Time by Horisont
Burn The Ships by Blacktop Mojo

Amber Galactic by The Night Flight Orchestra
easily one of the best albums to come out this year. The melodies, the lyrics, the arrangements, the production, and the attention to detail are all spot on. 'Amber Galactic', is one of those albums where the band gets everything right. 

Louder Harder Faster by Warrant
Dying Embers by Shape Of The New Sun
All Through The Night by Imperial State Electric
Kings Of Broadway by Kings Of Broadway
Grab The Rocket by Rockett Love
Suicide Idols by Suicide Bombers
Tattoo Burn Redux by Micki Free
The Ferrymen by The Ferrymen
Life On Death Road by Jorn
The Future Ain't What It Used To Be by The Biters
Live & Louder by The Dead Daises
Out Of The Darkness by Rian
Shade by Living Colour

(Part Two)

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