Thursday, January 4, 2018

Best Of 2017 Honor Roll @ The Dedicated Rocker Society Pt 3

2017 Honor Roll @ The Dedicated Rocker Society
To all the bands/artist that made this year a rocking one for us @ The DRS we say, THANK YOU!

Here are our picks for 2017
(in no particular order)
Part Three

-Psychotic Symphony by Sons Of Apollo
The Sons Of Apollo have truly delivered a work of art here. Everyone is involved on this album to a great degree and the production is exceptional.  My hat goes off to the Sons Of Apollo on this amazing and powerful debut album. 

-A New World Arise by ColdSpell
-Electrified by Black Water Rising
-Tall Dark Secrets by Fiction Syxx
-Samarkind by Samarkind
-Made In New York by American Mafia
-Sing It Loud by Romeo Riot
-MK II by Vandenberg’s Moon Kings
-Shotgun Slinger by L.A. Cobra
-Black Butterfly by Steve Walsh

-Long Way Back To The Moon by Galactic Cowboys
A triumphant return for the Galactic Cowboys. Was it worth the wait? Hell yeah it was! Welcome back boys!

-Striker by Striker
-MOTH by Moth
-From The Fires by Greta Van Fleet
-Life Imitating Art by Dave Friday Band
-Unstoppable by Radio Sun
-Heavy Living by Dirty Thrills
-Sins Of Greed by Madman’s Lullaby
-Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown by Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown
-Mind Over Matter by Walk On Fire
-High Strangeness by Mothership

-It’s About Time by Satin
'Its About Time' verifies, that the craft of his debut did not occur by chance. If you are even remotely a fan of Melodic AOR Rock, this album is for you.

-Blues-O-Delic Celebration: A Tribute To The Blues by Blindstone
-Snakes & Ladders by Shakra
-Incendiary by Code Red
-Battlezone by Scherer/Batten
-Jetset Royals by Jetset Royals
-Worlds Best Hope by All 41
-Electric Passion by Freerock Saints
-What’s Inside Trixie’s Closet by Closet Monster 96
-Blues And Beyond by Gary Moore
-Raintimes by Raintimes

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