Thursday, January 11, 2018


BACK WITH A VENGEANCE by Sainted Sinners
(El Puerto Records)

Sainted Sinners return with their highly anticipated sophomore release ‘Back With A Vengence’. David Reece on vocals, Frank PanĂ© On guitars, Malte Frederik Burkert on bass and Berci Hirleman On drums. There is not a dull moment anywhere on this album. It is intense from the opening to the end. David Reece on vocals is again a revelation, Frank PanĂ© gives a master class on guitar, Berci Hirleman produces masterful percussion and Malte Frederik Burkert finish off a recipe that can't fail to produce a banquet of powerful rock music. From the raw but melodic aggression of “Rise Like A Phoenix”, which is everything a hard rock song should be, to the adrenaline powered tracks like, the lead off single, “Burnin' The Candle”,  the title track, that has that "Hot For Teacher" vibe to it,  While Frank Pane channels his inner Schenker on “Nothing Left To Lose”,and “When The Hammer Falls”. This is some of the best hard rock you will hear this year and it will restore your faith in a music business that has sadly become more about marketing and less about creativity. With this sophomore effort, Sainted Sinners deliver a very enjoyable slab of driving  rock music that begs to cranked up to maximum volume!
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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