Tuesday, January 9, 2018


STARTING GUN by The Bad Flowers
(Independent Release)

The UK blues rock trio, The Bad Flowers unleash their highly anticipated full length debut, 'Starting Gun' proving that rock music is alive and kicking in a fierce way! Big, bold, driving, and energetic. The Bad Flowers is powered by, Tom Leighton on guitar/vocals, Dale Tonks on bass/vocals and Karl Selickis on drums. Normally, bands that I would describe as Blues Rock can sometimes be nothing more than a few blues licks incorporated into hard/ melodic rock or a blues act turning their amps up to 11. The Bad Flowers however can rightly be called a Blues Rock outfit. Mixing the two genres into one energy-laden sound, that is loud and clear. That energy is evident from the out-set. Opening with the super charged, "Thunder Child", with no letting up from there as the trio go full throttle with "Lion's Blood", "Secrets" and "Rich Man".  Other highlights include ,"Hurricane" and "City Lights". If there was ever a recording that begged to be cranked to maximum volume, this would be one such recording.  I wil say this, if you crave the days when rock music was powerful, fast and right out there, this album will surely satisfy. The bottom line here is, 'Starting Gun' by The Bad Flowers is loaded with blues rock fury that is beefy, loud, and chock-full of energy.  It has it all from strong vocals, in your face guitars, groove laden bass riffs and up front hard hitting drums. This trio have definitely deliver the goods in spades.
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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