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(Hype Records)

Blending blues and rock influences with a heavy metal backbone, Finnish based rockers, Blake are back with their latest album, 'Taste Of Voodoo' a recording that is like running into a wall of sound, smashing into a million pieces, getting back up, putting yourself together and wanting to run into it again. Heavy duty roots blues and topped with a progressive psychedelia flavor. Blake is, Aaro Seppovaara on vocals and guitar, Masse Rantanen on bass and Jarkko Rantala on drums. 'Taste Of Voodoo'  is an album meant to be played loud and flood you with testosterone and adrenaline. Blake goes for the throat as soon as you hit play. The lead off title track explodes in your ears, with it's insistent, burning guitars and Aaro Seppovaara's powerful lyrics and vocals. "The Hell's Ladder" is next, while, "The Teacher" and "Twisted Faith" just cranks the intensity of the album up a few more notches.  'Taste Of Voodoo' has impeccable timing, along with maniacal free styling by all the band members truly shows the power, control and skill each man has over his instrument of choice. for a motivator and a real inspirational record, 'Taste Of Voodoo' shouts out loud. It is nothing other than pure emotion and power put into a recording. For music that hits harder than a sledgehammer this is it. - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

CD REVIEW: PEACE by Anders Osbourne
(Alligator Records)

Anders Osbourne is the best Grammy Award winning singer, songwriter, guitarist that you have never heard of.  I have feeling after people hear his latest release, 'Peace', Anders Osbourne will break to an even wider audience and becomea household name. In the past Anders Osbourne has treated his fans with the Louisiana sounds of 'Bury the Hatchet' and stripped-down soul on' Coming Home'. The new album simply rocks. It's a testament to the fact that there's still great music out there if you look a bit deeper than the playlists on your local radio station. 'Peace' opens with the feedback infused title track. A powerful number about one's journey in finding peace of mind. The lead off single, "47" is up next with its laid back groove. Quite the opposite with the stunning guitar work of, "Let It Go" a song about knowing when to let go of days gone by. All eleven tracks on this album are winners. Other highlights include, "Windows", "I'm Ready", and the album closer, the heartfelt, "My Son". 'Peace' is the album, in my opinion, Ander Osborne fans have been waiting for since 'American Patchwork'. Drawing strength and inspiration from his family and friends, Anders Osborne with 'Peace' has created the most observational record of his career. It's powerfully raw, bringing to light the ups and downs of modern life with his amazingly guitar work. This album will touch you on so many levels and comes highly recommended. - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

(Whiskey Six Music)

There's something both new and familiar about Whiskey Six. Their influences are definitely worn on their sleeves but a great modern edge too. Their sound is raw and their riffs grab you, give you a good shaking and don't let go, and nor would you want them to! That is what you can expect to experience with the band's latest release, 'American Grit'. The band is made up of, Chris Strickler on vocals and guitars, Dave Lansing on guitars, Paul Anthony on bass and Mike Hill on drums. Whiskey Six have written a rock solid balls to the wall album, full of great hooks, melodies and a monster wall of guitars. Early highlights for me include "Watch It All Burn and 'Anything But Sober' but you could pick this album up at any point and find a killer track. Production wise, it's rock solid  and straightforward; you get drums, bass, guitars and vocals and lots of 'em. Great mix, very direct and sounds like these boy throwdown something serious live. If Whiskey Six  were looking to create a modern mixture of some of history's greatest rock bands , such as Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, and even ZZ Top, they achieved that with flying colors in my book. This band is truly rock and roll and has a unique sound that carries throughout the whole album instead of just a few songs.  One of the most exciting things about 'American Grit' is that it is the band's full length debut, and things will only get better from here. Whiskey Six comes highly recommended to any classic rock or rock music fan and a refreshing new band that has a great future ahead of them. 'American Grit' is a 100% proof debut and a promise that you'll be hearing a lot more from Whiskey Six for a long time! - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

(Independent Release)

Having shared the stage with the likes of Shinedown, Buckcherry and Godsmack, East coast rockers, Silvertung are out to write their own chapter in the history of rock music. The band's sophomore release, 'Devil's In The Details' is a collection of soul baring, angst ridden, riff heavy material that is proudly anchored in the foundations of traditional Hard Rock song writing. Silvertung is powered by, Speed on lead vocals, guitar, ZZ - lead guitar, backing vocals, Skoot on bass guitar, Backing Vocals and Danno on drums, backing screams. Guitar driven monster riffs served up on a bed of crushing grooves with soaring melodic vocals and big hooks. From beginning to end, this album is chock full of some of the nastiest rhythm grooves you will ever hear. There are no fillers here, all tracks are killer in their own way.  The whole concept fits like a glove in their understanding of society and believe me, these guys hit the nail on head! Check out, "Coming Alive", "Justify", "Never Too Late", "Falling  Again", "I Don't Care" and "Daddy's Little Girl". Pure speaker candy with motor-like riffage. The sound quality is very upfront, and will punish the finest of speakers. 'Devil's In The Details' is a smoking show-case of huge tones and monster riffs.  Basically, NO FRILLS RIFF ROCK! Silvertung promises to be one of the hottest new rock bands to arrive on the rock music scene. - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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