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(Ripple Records)

Dallas, Texas hard rocker trio, Mothership unleash their self-titled debut release upon the masses with one intention, that you get thoroughly ROCKED! Formed in 2010 by hard-rock loving brothers, Kyle Juett on bass and vocals, younger brother, Kelley Juett on guitar. Both were infused by a love of all that is retro-heavy from years of influence under their father John’s record collection. Thanks to their Father, the brothers Juett along with Judge Smith on drums, have created a juggernaut of a recording! Together this trio serve up an album that is influenced by artists such as Led Zeppelin, UFO and Black Sabbath offering up a modern take on an old school rock and heavy southern blues swagger. Make no mistake, they may wear their influences on their sleeve, but Mothership are their own animal. With thundering hooks and riffs and booze-filled vocals. Mothership, stands out amongst rock bands of today in that they have a unique sound that incorporates many different bands of yesterday. From the opening "Hallucinaton", that segues into, the riff laden "Cosmic Rain", just two songs in and I'm blown away! The music is large, heavy with a great flow to it. The chemistry between the three is like white on rice.. As is evident on the next two tracks,"City Nights" and "Angel Of Death". A total of eight songs all of them stone cold killers! When it comes down to it, Mothership prove that great song writing and attention to detail helps produce the right sound and when combined with precise instrumentation the end result is a sledgehammer of a debut release. Attention all rockers and rollers, Mothership has landed! Mark my words these boys are going to be around for a very long time to come. - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

(Listenable Records)

Australia's My Dynamite come onto the rock and roll scene making one hell of a bang! With their self-titled debut release. Taking cues from the sounds of Humble Pie, The Faces, The Black Crowes, Led Zep and The Stones, My Dynamite draws a healthy respect for the greats and turns it into a contemporary and irresistible sound with a firm focus on getting the party started. My Dynamite is Pat Carmody on vocals, Jorge Balas on guitar, Benny Wolf on guitar, Trav Fraser on bass and Simon Aarons on drums. So, just how good is this album? Let me break it down for you. The first two tracks of the disc, "Take It Or Leave It" and "Inside Out" are rock 'n' roll romps that are guaranteed to get rock and roll juices flowing. Just fun, unabrashed fury, and easily singable lyrics. The band downshifts with "Singing Stormy Weather' a strong track that's very beautiful and surreal. "Big Attraction", though runs straight back into the hard rock vein, with pumping drums and guitars throughout powered by Pat Carmody stellar vocals. The disc ends with two more rockers, "All That She Brings"' and the foot stomping "Fork In Your Tongue". Be assured, My Dynamite is more than a boot scoot rock and roll band. For those who were not born at the era of Led Zeppelin, now you have My Dynamite to live with in the 21st Century. Great great album! Amazing band! - Highly recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

(Spooky G Music)

How do you create a masterpiece of modern day Heavy Metal? Is it a conscious effort on the part of the artists or is it something more organic. A confluence of events and moods, emotions and mechanics that all come together in the right place at the right time? That’s the question that comes to mind upon the first listen to Pain Savior' s monstrous debut release, 'Dead Weight On A Dying Planet'. The band features Tracy G. (WW III/Dio) on guitars and Elvin Rodriguez on vocals. The album also features a militia of tour de force drummers that would make "The God Of Thunder", Thor envious. Ray Luzier (Korn/KXM), Bob Buchler, Rick Ritzler (Robot Lords Of Tokyo), Gary Farano, Dave Chuchian, and Randy Oviedo on bass. 'Dead Weight On A Dying Planet' touches our darkest and most suffocating doubts about our existence. It's brutally unapologetic. Once you hit play your senses are at the mercy of, "No God But I", Elvin Rodriguez' s dark lyrics are brought to life with Tracy G.'s menacing and intense riffs serving as it's soundtrack. The album's claws sink deeper and throttle your psyche with "Red Scare", "Last Words", "Pushing The New Machine" and "Knee Face". So many dark places are visited. No joke, 'Dead Weight On A Dying Planet' is intense and it will push your imagination to the edge and open your eyes to just how messed up this world of ours has become. Tracy G.'s guitar work drives the mood of the album perfectly, having a that aggressiveness and 'manic' sound to it, very sinister. Combined with Elvin Rodriguez' s go for the throat vocal delivery makes for one lethal combination. I'm often surprised to hear what other Heavy Metal fans seem to value in music. It seems many people are really only seeking something fast, aggressive, lots of yelling etc. If you are someone like that, on a surface level this album will not disappoint. However, if you crave music for its atmospheric intensity, then this album is essential listening. This is Pain Savior. So, how does one create a masterpiece of modern day Heavy Metal? Get your hands on, 'Dead Weight On A Dying Planet' and experience it for yourselves. Get your copy @ - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

(Inside Out Records)

'Impermanent Resonance' the latest release from James Labrie is yet another excellent melodic metal album that cements his position as a quality solo artist with style. This is Labrie' s third album. The album itself is a mixture of hard hitting metal and melodic ballads featuring lots of keyboard textures and excellent production topped off with the powerful expressive vocals of James LaBrie. There are so many vocal hooks on this album especially in the choruses that it almost sounds like a form of melodic metal but it suits James LaBrie to a "T". The album kicks off with the single, "Agony," one of the higher tempo songs on the album with James and Peter Wildoer both handling vocal duties. The melodic "Back on the Ground" and "I Got You" are also great tracks that you will be singing along to. "Holding On"is similar to some of Labrie' s past works but is solid as well. The groove laden "Letting Go" utilizes both clean and screamed vocals with a solid guitar riff. The band is the same winning combination featuring the awesome guitar skills of virtuoso Marco Sfogli who lays down some mind blowing riffs and solos, Matt Guillory on keys and backing vocals, Ray Riendeau on bass, and the killer drumming skills of Peter Wildoer on drums and screams! The European edition has two bonus tracks, "Unraveling" and "Why". Sad, they were not included on the American release. The ballad "Unraveling" is definitely one of the highlights of the album. "Why" also is good as far as bonus tracks go as well. All in all, I enjoyed this album and pretty sure that fans of James Labrie or his work with Dream Theater will enjoy this album enormously! - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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