Tuesday, October 29, 2013


(Rosa Records)

L.A.'s premiere power rock trio, Mother Superior return with their best album to date, 'THREE HEADED DOG'. How good is it? Let's just say this is their 'Physical Graffiti', yeah it’s that good. 18 tracks ,that exhibits the bands rock and soul fury to perfection. It's like they've taken all the elements of their previous releases and combined them into one sonic rock and roll Molotov cocktail. I'm telling you, when you hear this album, it will blow you away, BIG TIME! In a world where music has grown to be repeated few bands stand out from the crowd. Mother Superior steps aside, walks against grain, and gives you just what you need. A jolt of pure rock and soul adrenaline! Powered by the mind blowing guitar work and vocals of "General" Jim Wilson combined with bass player Marcus Blake and Matt Tecu on drums who compliment each other like a favorite pair of shoes. That air tight chemistry is served up in rocking fashion on tracks like, "(I'm) Obsessed" and "Today Is That Day", then you have balls to the wall rockers like, "German Creepshow" and "Left For Dead". 'Three Headed Dog' brings the listener back to a musical era before click tracks and digital sterility became the standard. The groove is organic. The feel is infectious. 'Three Headed Dog' is an album of incredible intensity. PURE ROCK AND SOUL FURY! Amazing job guys! - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @  The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

(Inverse Records)

Finnish rockers, Mind Of Doll are back for another round with their sophomore release, 'Shame On Your Shadow' is a flat-out, high-energy, no holds barred, no quarter given, balls to the wall rocker! Take the bravado of The Hellacopters add to that some Backyard Babies swagger with a hefty dose of Hanoi Rocks attitude. That's pretty much what you get with Mind Of Doll. Visa Heinonen on vocals, Sakari Virta on lead guitar, Erik Lunden on guitar, Ide Miettinen on bass and Ville Muru on drums. Extremely solid from beginning to end; there is absolutely no filler material on this album. Some tracks are based on hard-rockin', infectuous guitar hook. Like, "Bad Shivers", the title track and "Wolves". Other tracks like "Rats", "Indians" and "Hotel Satan" revolve around a big sing-along chorus. The rest fall somewhere in between with a combination of the two. Simply put, Mind Of Doll play kick-ass, butt-stomping rock music loaded with tons of attitude that will leave you battered but begging for more. It'll make you grab a guitar, a tennis racket, or even a broom handle, and rock out in your bedroom like a madman. The bottom line, this is one great album, and a must for all fans of hard rock These guys are THE REAL DEAL. - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

(Inside Out Records)

There is something very special about the brilliant self-titled debut release from the band called SLAVIOR. Gregg Analla (Tribe of Gypsies/Seventhsign) on vocals, Mark Zonder (Fates Warning/Warlord) on drums, Wayne Findlay (M.S.G./Vinnie Moore) on guitars, keyboards and bass. The quartet have created a musical masterpiece that is deep and emotional. The production is incredible, the music crystal clear, crisp and tight. It's rare to find a release that has zero flaws, but this band is among one of the best balanced, and most inspiring efforts I've heard in quite a long time. From the energizing lead off track, "Origin", that sets the tone of the musical barrage of sound that awaits you. "Dove" and "Slavior" are intense works of how truly great this band is. I could go on forever about how brilliant this band is, but to truly understand, you must experience it for yourself. Like a fine wine or high end audio system only those who listen carefully or those who know will be able to detect the sheer genius in the songwriting and the musicianship of this band, a band called SLAVIOR. This recording is an absolute essential for anybody with a taste for intelligent metal or progressive music. - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

(Progressive Records)

Take the best from Pink Floyd, Marillion (Fish era) and Porcupine Tree and you almost have something close but not quite. Traces'
music runs the gamut from mellow and subtle to intense and powerful. 'Nine Stones Close' delivers a journey through loss, growing up and getting older. Letting things go and learning how to move on. Having been a long time fan of the "Prog Rock" genre, the groups that have my undivided attention must be overwhelmingly competent. Bands like Pink Floyd, Dream Theater, Flower Kings,Riverside, Marillion, Porcupine Tree, Yes and early Genesis. Nowadays though it's hard to find exceptional music in the 'progressive' genre to invest in. 'Nine Stones Close' is a masterpiece. It is a masterfully executed and top quality example of how intelligent and interesting music can be without having to get so dense and impenetrable that its no-longer enjoyable, or oversimplify so much that it no longer has anything to say. Featuring only five songs, "Reality Check", "Threads" that clocks in over ten minutes, "Falling To Pieces", "Traces" and the mind numbing epic, "Thicker Than Water". Marc Atkinson clear vocals are a perfect fit as is the keyboard of Brendan Eyre and Neil Quarrell, on bass. I learned long ago that good music will get your attention, hold your attention, then proceed to paint pictures in your mind. Traces certainly does that. 'Nine Stones Close' is an immensely enjoyable album which I'd wholeheartedly recommend to any fan of the Prog Rock genre. There is a brilliant sense of flow and a lot of variety, and crucially no song feels unnecessary or out of place. - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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