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The Quill Return with Tiger Blood / Interview w/ Magnus Arnar

The Quill Return with Tiger Blood
Interview with Magnus Arnar 
by The Dedicated Rocker Society

The Quill are a four-piece hard rock band based in Mönsterås, Sweden. The band has been around for more then 20 years and released six studio albums, done some extensive touring throughout europe and the US, with band such as Abstrakt Algebra, Glucifer and Monster Magnet. Since mid 2010 Magnus Arnar handles the microphone and in mid 2012 the lost son Roger Nilsson returned to handle the bass guitar.

The band's last album 'Full Circle' showed the fans and the industry that The Quill are still a force to be reckoned with, and due to the new blood in the band they´re establishing themselves as a fierce live act. During the fall of 2012 the sequel to 'Full Circle' was being written. The wait is over! The Quill are back with a vengeance and hungrier than ever with their new release, 'Tiger Blood'

The Rocker and I caught up with The Quill's frontman singer, Magnus Arnar to talk to him about the band's new album and more. Here's what he shared with us...

Talk to us about the record, 'Tiger Blood'. How did it take to record? What's the story behind the title and who came up with it?

MA: Like everything else in this band, it was on a really tight schedual. last year we were touring alot and had to push the release a couple of times due to lack of new material. so when we had done our last show for the year, we got a final deadline from our record label, started to count backwards to set the schedual and began writing new songs in oct/nov. after christmas all the recording started. first week, drums and bass, second week all guitars, third week vocals, the weekend on the forth week we did the final touch on the songs. on the fifth week we cleaned up and prepared all audio  files for mixing and mastering. Petter Diamant, our engineer and producer came by my house with his laptop the same night he went on vacation so I could do the final preparation before I send everything to Ninetone. On week six and seven the album was mixed and mastered and on feb. 15th the master was delivered to Metalville records. by far the tightest schedual we
have experienced and hopefully ever will:) The title Tiger Blood  Roger came up with and it basically means that your immune to everything and immortal. We felt that it summoned up the last two years in this band which has been a bumpy ride with lots of obstacles both physically, mentally and financially. we have invested alot of money in this band and lost a couple of people along the way as well. and of course we love what we're doing, thats why we put ourselves through this circus called rock n roll!

Did you approach the new record any different than with your previous releases?

MA: Yes very much so. The main goal from the start was to do the album as versatile as possible, rather then darker and/or heavier. different keys, different moods and everybody contributed to the writing process.

The Quill are labeled, "Stoner Rock". Do you agree with that? How would you describe your band?

MA:In the early days it was definitely stoner rock, these days its more like a classic rock with a modern sound and stoner is one of the ingredients.

What does 2013 look like for The Quill? As far as touring goes?

MA: In May/June the album will be released and we only have a few shows this summer to be able to prepare the show for toruing this fall. unfortunately we can't say anything more then that right now. a tour is coming up, but it's not official yet.

Musical influences? Any new bands on the scene right now that you listen to?

MA: We got alot of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Soundgarden in our sound, but also some bluesy, soul fragrant going on, such as Joe Cocker and the Beatles to name a few. Personally I fucking love the danish rockers Supercharger, high octane rock n roll at its best!

Any plans doing any shows in America?

MA: Not in the near future unfortunately. But good things are lurking in
the horizon, so you never know;)

Any memorable moments, good or bad, in the making of the record that you'd like to share with us?

MA: Well, the entire recording session were like I said earlier, really
intense and because of that memorable, but on a personal level I was pumped up and ready to go when i went into the studio. but I was under such amount of pressure that after the first day I managed to record a half-assed something in the song "Death Valley" and my throat was goodbye! "Stop singing" and "Leave the band" went through my mind a couple of times that night to be honest, haha. The day after i was like fuck it! What happens happen, and with the pressure gone my throat started to work and the rest
of the recording took off like a train.

Any parting comments for your fans?

MA: Guys! we fucking love you and we would be nothing without you, you rock! Last year when we went to the States we had a blast and we were amazed how nice and social the American people are. Love and respect!

The Quill will release "Tiger Blood", on May 24th via Metalville Records. The album will be released on CD, vinyl and digitally. ”Tiger Blood” consists of 10 tracks with one additional track being added to the iTunes-release.  As with their 2011 album "Full Circle" the band worked with producer Petter Diamant recording the album at the Jakaranda Studio in Gävle and the 491 Studio in Oskarshamn. The album was then mixed by Patrik Frisk (CrashDiët, Corroded, Takida) at Sidelake/Ninetone Studios in Sundsvall.

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