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Interview with October Rage  from Australia
by The Dedicated Rocker Society

October Rage were dubbed one of the “hardest working bands in rock” on their seven month USA OUTRAGE tour which saw them racking up over 70,000 miles and 120 shows as they travelled across the country, ripping faces off with their blistering live show.

October Rage was formed by brothers Nick (vocals, guitar) and William (bass) Roberts in late 2008. Hailing from the Central Coast of NSW, Australia, they quickly gained notoriety by supporting Bon Jovi on their Circle Tour at sold out shows in Sydney.

With a debut album and various singles under their belts October Rage have played with some of the best live acts in the world including Steel Panther, Saliva, Sevendust and more.October Rage’s previous Album “Outrage” recorded with award winning producer Adrian Hannan is an itunes success boasting their hit single “Silver Line.”

Their next single, “White Walkers”, based on themes from the hit HBO television series “Game of Thrones” became number 1 on online radio station, Untapped Radio.

Now with new additions to the band Kai Chambers (drums) and John McMullen (guitar, keys) October Rage are currently tearing up the USA on their 'Fallout, Dust and Guns' release tour. 

Q: How long have guys been together as a band? How did you guys come up  with the name for the band? 

Nick: October Rage has been a band since late 2008 when my brother William and I decided to split from another group we  were in. October Rage was just something we came up with to express how we were feeling at the time. 

Q: What is the song writing process for you as a band? Group or 

William: The songs tend to take shape in the bedroom first believe it or not ha-ha. Nick will generally be in the middle of something, come up with a tune and have to race off to his room to write it down whilst jamming on the guitar. When he has something solid he will bring it to the rest of us and we will put arrangements around it to make it a beast.  

Q: How would describe your band's musical approach? Who are some of your musical influences? 

Nick: We grew up with dad blasting Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple every morning while we got ready for school so we were definitely influenced at a young age by the best music ever. I know it was the same for Kai and John too. 

Q: Memorable moment(s) in the making of, ' FALLOUT, DUST AND GUNS', good or bad, that can share with us? Are you satisfied with how the album turned out? 

Kai:  It was an overall blast working in Melbourne, it is the  first production with the current line up and definitely a step in the 
right direction. The producers son (12) was a world champion at ping pong so every time we took a break from tracking we would go into the other room and get our collective butts kicked by this kid was funny. Especially for John who is super competitive when it comes to those things ha-ha. 

Q: How's your current tour in the America going? Any memorable moments fromthe road you'd care to share with us (good or bad)? Absolutely amazing.

John:  This tour has been an epic experience, can’t believe how well the US has treated us this trip. There are always crazy moments, but we are a band of brothers so we make a huge effort to help each other out and  keep the rock and roll train rolling. 

Q: What goals have set for yourselves as a band? 

William:  We plan to finish up our 2014 tour in the middle of December and head back to our native Australia to do a tour there for a few months before returning next year to record and then a summer tour.  

Q: Complete this sentence: The reason why you should check out October Rage is because... 

....Have you ever seen the movie Wolf Creek?   

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