Sunday, November 9, 2014


THIRTEEN by Harem Scarem
(Frontier Records)

It's been six years since Harem Scarem's last studio release. So, was it worth the wait? After one listen, I can tell you this, HELL YEAH, it was worth the wait! Once again Canadian rockers, Harem Scarem have delivered a quality release that is not to be missed. The band return with their latest release, 'Thirteen'. Harem Scarem is one group that you just can't get enough of if you are into the melodic rock scene. Harry Hess: Lead and backup Vocals/Keys, Pete Lesperance: Guitars/Bass/Keys, Creighton Doane: Drums and Darren Smith: Backup Vocals.  As usual, Harem Scarem have produced a collection of outstanding songs filled with plenty of memorable hooks and solos. 'Thirteen' is extra special because the songs flow seamlessly making the album a joy to listen to all the way through every time. In addition, there is a great balance of heavy, melodic, ballad, acoustic sounds throughout From opening AOR gem, "Garden Of Eden" to the organic rush of, "Live It" and groove laden movers like, "Early Warning Signs" and "The Midnight Hours", this is classic Harem Scarem. Also what would a Harem Scarem recording be without a power ballad? The band serve up, "Whatever It Takes", a song that will tug at your heart string from the first to it's last note. Harry Hess' vocals are strong, emotive, and melodic, as always. And don't forget to bow down before the Guitar God, Pete Lesperance! [We're not worthy!] He's got more music in his mind and and technique in his fingers than any ten guitarists you could name. While Creighton Doane on drums keeps the band grounded. I can't emphasize enough how amazing the musicianship on this album is. These guys are masters of their craft. Why they haven't become popular in the States is beyond me. Harem Scarem absolutely, positively should be huge. It's a shame that they are not. Nonetheless, if you are a true melodic rock fan, you owe it to yourself to check out this amazing band. This album is as good a place as any to start. 'Thirteen' is phenomenal!- Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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