Tuesday, November 11, 2014


(AFM Records)

21st Century "Shock Rockers", Lordi are back with their latest release, 'Scare Force One'. The Finnish five piece have been riding a whirlwind since 2006 starting with their show-stopping, never-before-seen Eurovision victory, the release of their own horror film, two European tours, two American tours, visits to Japan and New Zealand and several studio albums including their breakthrough disc, 'The Arokalypse'. The new album is another prime example of LORDI's quality. The vibe of the new album could be described as a mixture of "W.A.S.P."-like riffs, Alice Cooper sinister vocals and instrumental melodies complemented by AOR-ish keyboards; the contradicing surprise came to be Lordi's vocals, sings in a gory,monstrous style (Think Mandy Lion meets Rob Zombie) that allows him to come up with catchy melodies during the choruses, never going brutal. The songs have all have attitude and power
of Lordi's impressive vocal range. The fact that they're all dressed like McFarlane toys just reflects their over-the-top music. Still, when putting the theatrics aside, one comes to realize that "Lordi's" music is essentially super catchy 80's hard rock with a strong emphasis on partying and dark houmor. Songs like the first single "Nailed By The Hammer Of Frankenstein","How to Slice A Whore", "Cadaver Lover" or 'Monster Is My Name' are typical for this Finnish metallic horde and are enough to convince any fan on 80's oriented hard rock as establishing "Lordi" as the latest greatest force in Shock/horror metal. The "Get Your Rocks Off" signal has been turned on, so please fasten your seat belts - and prepare your senses to be, ROCKED and SHOCKED! Welcome to 'Scare Force One'! - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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