Wednesday, November 5, 2014


by While Heaven Wept
(Metalville Records)

'Suspended at Aphelion' the latest release from U.S. Prog Metal band, While Heaven Wept. Fusing the styles of Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, A Perfect Circle and even touches of the legendary King Crimson, The band is a progressive tour de force. Though offering nothing entirely `new' to the genre.. While Heaven Wept have created an album that is powerful, emotive and moving.. I love whenever a band's music is actually `felt' and not just simply `heard'. While Heaven Wept is compromised of, Rain Irving - Vocals (lead), Trevor Schrotz - Drums,,Michelle Loose-Schrotz - Keyboards,  Scott Loose - Guitars, Jim Hunter - Bass, Vocals, Tom Phillips - Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals and Jason Lingle - Keyboards. From the moment you press play, your senses are blessed with a strong, and epic full-length full-length recording. The band opens the album with  the epic Celtic vibe of,  "Introspectus". Up next is, "Icarus And I", a catchy track aided by sublime vocals. There is the Pink Floyd-ish "Heartburst", a sensual track highlighted by Tom Phillips' soulful guitar playing. The band turn things up with tracks like, "The Memory of Bleeding" and "Souls in Permafrost". "Reminiscence of Strangers", features a cameo appearance of guitarist, Victor Arduini, trading licks with Tom Phillips. While Heaven Wept, have always been a real and genuine band, real to the heart, real to experience, real to the highest ideals of music. I truly consider them a musically noble, valiant, and ultimately spiritual ensemble. When one listens to band like this,  the only way to truly appreciate it, is to listen to the whole album front to back.  'Suspended At Aphelion'  is a dynamic and richly textured experience.  It is a recording that intrigues and entertains on many levels. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/ All Access Magazine

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