Tuesday, April 7, 2015

CD REVIEW: IN THE NAME OF ROCK N' ROLL by Mike Onesko's Guitar Army

by Mike Onesko's Guitar Army 
(Grooveyard Records)

Blindside Blues Band frontman/guitarist, Mike Onesko has assembled his powerhouse Guitar Army on his latest release, 'In The Name Of Rock N' Roll'.  Enlisting a group of six string samurais of the highest order! Bruce Bouillet (Racer X), Brett Ellis, Dirty Dave Osti, Martin J. Andersen (Blindstone), Janne Stark (Mountain Of Power), Jay Jesse Johnson (B.B.B.), Craig Erickson & Doug Rappoport (Edgar Winter). Take it from me, this could easily set the record for dangerous shred pyrotechnics! A total must for the shred feind yes sir! Every song is done with such feeling and energy that you can tell they had a blast making this. From the get go with, "The Destroyer, featuring Jeff Martin (Badlands) on vocals and Bruce Bouillet (Racer X) on guitar. "In the Name of Rock N' Roll" (featuring Brett Ellis) is simply amazing. It's obvious Mike Onesko and his league of extraordinary axemen are taking no prisoners! The six string assault continues with, "Keeping The Flame Alive" (featuring Dirty Dave Osti), "Nothing Can Hold Me Down"(featuring Martin J. Andersen),and " "Warzone (Dogs of Doom)"(featuring Janne Stark). Mike Onesko handles the vocals on a killer cover of the Zeppelin classic, "Good Times, Bad Times" showing that he isn't just a player, he's quite a singer. "Speed Freak" (featuring Brett Ellis) and "Can't Make You Love Me" (featuring Craig Erickson) are other  smoking examples of intensity displayed throughout this amazing album. Closing out the album is, "Child Of The Sky"(featuring Doug Rappoport), a touching heartfelt ode to the late Ronnie Montrose. What Mike Onesko has delivered with this recording is a tight set of blues rock music performed by some the hottest guitar players on the planet each creating masterpieces of sound.  Highly recommended to anyone that appreciates fine guitar work and has a love for the Blues. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/ All Access Magazine


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