Tuesday, April 28, 2015


by The Wyldz
(MRI Distribution)

Bands or artists labelled as "Rock" can sometimes be nothing more than a few riffs and licks incorporated into hard/ melodic rock or a rock band turning their amps up to 11. The Wyldz however can rightly be called a Rock band, Mitch Bassoul (vocals and bass), Alex DhĂ©e (guitar), and Oliv Porrini (drums).  For their sophomore outing, 'Interstellar Troubadors', the band bring a set of songs to the table that chord for chord are stronger than the material they dished out on their debut, 'Human Rise'.  There is more variation and carry a higher production value thanks to their collaboration with  legendary engineer Steve Albini (Nirvana, The Pixies, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page) a person who knows a thing or three about producing a big, rock sound whilst capturing the live energy of a band such as The Wyldz. That big sound and energy is evident from the out-set. The title track opens the album a brash shot of rock that is a pure shot of adrenaline.  The trio then put the "Power" in power trio with the lead off single, "Let It Go" a gritty slab of rock that kicks things up notch. The sinister groove of, "Blinded By The Sun" is up next a no frills rocker that packs one hell of a punch. There is some sonic variation to bring lighter shade and contrast to the beefy bottom end, power chords and across the kit drum fills. As can be experienced on tracks like, "Don't Be Evil", the sonic induced mover, "Woods Of Retreat" and "Sounds Of Divine". One of the albums strengths is that as well as being a full on rock album there is variety and skill in the song sequencing and increasing maturity in the song writing. If you want to blow the dust off your hi-fi speakers this is the album for you. 'Interstellar Troubadors' has it all, wonderful guitar riffs, sublime bass and up front hard hitting drums. From classic rock to sonic rock ballads this has it all. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/ All Access Magazine

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