Wednesday, April 15, 2015

CD REVIEW: S/T by Flood The Engine

S/T by Flood The Engine
(Flood The Engine Music)

The self titled debut release for American based Blues rock band, Flood The Engine is deeply rooted in classic rock influences. The band is made up of, Jimmy Kunes (Cactus/American Mafia) on vocals, Bill Leverty (Firehouse) on guitar, Keith Horne on bass and Andre LaBelle on drums. One listen through the whole album, and you get it all: soulful bluesy vocals, smoking guitar riffs, groove laden bass, fluid, resonant playing and hooks that are solid gold. The end result is Blues rock music played with guts, power and skill that captures perfectly the excitement and joy of the shared experience which is great Rock `n Roll music. Yes, their Free and Zeppelin influences shine brightly, but this is no cheap 70's rip off outfit.  The album mainly consists of full-out rockers in the form of ,"Lay It All On Me", "All The Girls Are Crazy" and "Change". The band also dishes out a cover of the Gary Wright classic, "Love Is Alive". "You're Not The Only One" is another kicking tune too and it's chorus has a unique feel, but still extremely catchy. Every style that the band turn their hand to is equally impressive, and demonstrates their obvious talent as musicians. However, they have more than just skill, their is clearly fantastic chemistry between them. Jimmy Kunes 's soulful vocals and Bill Leverty 's searing guitar-work is backed up perfectly by Keith Horne' s  pounding basslines and Andre LaBelle 's awesome drumming to create something special. If you miss classic rock like Bad Company and Led Zeppelin, and want to tap the steering wheel a little harder on the way home, you are going to want check out Flood The Engine. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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  1. You hit this one on the head Tony.I have been digging this album all summer.