Sunday, April 26, 2015

CD REVIEW: S/T by Dead Shed Jokers

S/T by Dead Shed Jokers
(Pity My Brain Records)

Hailing from Aberdare/Merthyr, Dead Shed Jokers are a blessing of modern rock and roll, a group who doesn't succumb and conform to all the bland trends found so prominently in today's music. The band is comprised of, Hywel Davies on vocals, Nick Byrant on guitar, Kristian Evans on guitar, Luke Cook on bass and Ashley Jones on drums. It's hard to find one duff moment on this CD. The groove riff induced, "Dafydd’s Song", opens the album setting the table for the memorable listening experience that awaits. The band switches gear with the melodic driven mover, "Delay the Morning", with it's punk inspired groove complete with raw guitar hooks and driving beats.The carnival-esque vibe of "A Cautionary Tale", will hit your senses from angles with a plethora of sounds raging from a rock to progressive rock vibe. The first single off the album comes in the form of "Memoirs Of Mr. Bryant", a  foot stomper of a song that will flirt with the senses leaving them comfortably numb. Other highlights include, the swagger intense "Made In Vietnam", the psychedelic induced, "Love Is Deseased" and the hyper active, "Rapture Riddles. All in all a very solid outing for the Dead Shed Jokers who put together a set of songs that stick in the mind after repeated listenings; a sound here, a chord there, that reveal attention to detail and diverse influences that lift the recording into a class of its own. Let's not forget this is a band who shared stages with The Graveltones, Phil Campbell (Motorhead), Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell, Saxon, Temperance Movement & others. Dead Shed Jokers is a band I'd like to call a adjective band: a band that has a different word for every song they create. Let's just hope they'll keep it that way. If you like your rock with a different feel to it, check this out. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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