Monday, April 6, 2015


by Martin J. Andersen
(Grooveyard Record)

The highly anticipated debut release, 'Six String Renegade' from Danish guitarist/vocalist, Martin J. Andersen is a guitar aficionado' s wet dream! Best recognized with his work as the founder of the blues rock trio juggernaut, Blindstone. It is amazingly shameful that this guy has not been heard of or has not been mentioned as one of the greats. Backing up Martin are, Peter Bruun and Jesper Bunk on bass and Klaus Agerbo on drums. 'Six String Renegade' is a stylistic gumbo of modern influences and bluesy rock with guitar for days. This album blew me away! Just when I'd catch my  breath between songs Martin starts wailing into more riffs and wails than I can remember. String bending of the highest order! Solos up the ying yang with soulful vocals throughout. The songs are strong, well written, well produced. "The Fire Burns Within", sets things off big time! The in your face guitar soloing and riffing tip you off to something fresh and explosive. As he puts on display on the next two tracks, "Six String Renegade" and the smokin' "Dirty Little Angel". Martin's guitar playing is phenomenal with the feel and tone of Hendrix and SRV. His own style, in other words. The first of three covers comes in the form of a killer take on the Frank Marino classic, "Strange Dreams". Then there is a balls to the wall instrumental take of the Iron Maiden rocker, "The Trooper", this track smokes from start to finish! The third cover is a smokin' version of, "Stranger", the heartfelt bluesy mover penned by Johnny Winter (R.I.P.) Ten tracks total, each one guaranteed to raise the hair on the back of your neck!  Fierce musicianship, and epic song writing. 'Six String Renegade' should be a part of everyone's music collection who appreciates Blues Rock and fine guitar playing with chops to spare. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/ All Access Magazine


  1. The man just rocks!
    Blindstone is the Bomb too.
    I just love Martins guitar sound,riffs and solos!

  2. Gman,

    I think you might dig these bands. (You might of heard of them):

    1. Jaded Sun from Ireland. Classic rock influenced in the vein of Free and Humble Pie.
    2. Virgil & The Accelerators from the UK. I love this band. They have two studio releases and one live album. If you like Blues rock, you should check these guys out.
    3. The Jokers from the UK, another classic rock influences band. They have two studio releases with their new one coming out on October.
    4. Mother Superior from L.A., in my opinion, a sorely overlooked band. The band's leader, Jim Wilson formed MotorSister, but prefer Mother Superior.
    5. Dust from Sweden. Awesome rock band that Joe from Grooveyard turned me onto. They remind me of Badlands. The band's singer, Ralph Salinger has a great set of pipes.

    There a lot of other bands that I've been digging as of late, but those were a few I thought you might dig...:)