Friday, February 19, 2016

CD REVIEW: EAT ME by The Last Vegas

EAT ME by The Last Vegas
(AFM Records)

Chicago rockers, The Last Vegas are back with their latest release, 'Eat Me', the band's fifth album overall. Composed of Chad Cherry (lead vocals), John Wator (guitar), Adam Arling (guitar), Danny Smash (bass), and Nate Arling (drums). There are no surprises here. It's a adrenaline rush from the first to the last note. There is a steady amount of meat and potatoes rock for Classic rock lovers, combined with just the right amount of angst and sleaze to please any faithful sleaze rockers out there. You buy a record from The Last Vegas because you have a craving  for some supercharged rock songs about drinking, women and rocking.  'Eat Me' is packed with eleven tracks highlighted by, "Bloodthirsty", "Here We Go", "Along For The Ride", "Voodoo Woman" and "Anything It Takes". Vocally Chad Cherry comes across as a mix of Brian Johnson (AC/DC) and Jeff Keith (Tesla). The guitar tandem of John Wator and Adam Arling are on point and have great chemistry. The rhythm section of bassist Danny Smash and drummer, Nate Arling are solid and tight as a glove. As a unit these boys deliver cool, infectious songs that are guaranteed to cause your blood pressure to rise big time. The Last Vegas are one of those bands that should be bigger than they are.  If you like your rock music swaggering, your vocals spitting attitude, and your riffs juicy then this latest effort by The Last Vegas delivers the goods. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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