Monday, February 22, 2016

CD REVIEW: GEORGIA PINE, Ep by Broken Witt Rebels 

by Broken Witt Rebels 
(Broken Witt Rebels)

After listening to British blues rockers, Broken Witt Rebels, latest five song Ep, 'Georgia Pine', I've come to the conclusion, this band is so tight its frightening. A power quartet with a bold infused sound with deep guitar licks from James Tranter. Powerful rhythm section of drummer James Dudley and bassist Luke Davis and of course the uninhibited energy and soulful crooning of Danny Core. Whose voice really stands out from other singers. His vocal phrasing soars above some of the most intense material to be found on the current post-modern blues rock landscape. He's exactly what you want in a blues rock vocalist - powerful gravelly vocals, like a modern day Joe Cocker and Frankie Miller combined.  What this powerful quartet delivers with their latest release is a  blistering soulful blues/rock recording that needs to be played at maximum volume! Drawing on the blues but is never constrained by it and is full of melodic twists and turns with guitar riffs and stop-start rhythms. "Low", is a great songs with an infections chorus. "Susie" has that down and dirty swagger with hints of southern accents. The remaining three tracks, "Georgia Pine", "Getaway Man" and "Guns"are guaranteed to satisfy your musical palate. 'Georgia Pine' is a brilliant piece of music, it really makes you feel good, the feeling in each song is a great break from the usual fodder thrown out for the masses. This really is music for the soul, something that makes you stop, listen and appreciate that music has a future and its here.  - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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  1. Excellent review - it sums up beautifully the music of this talented, young band. This is certainly an EP that every blues rock music fan will want to have and there is little doubt that Broken Witt Rebels are on the path to becoming a band of international stature.