Monday, February 1, 2016


INGLORIOUS by Inglorious
(Frontier Records)

The highly anticipated self titled debut release from UK rockers, Inglorious is a collection of hard, blues flavored rock, that is raw and laden with emotion. The band is comprised of, Nathan James (Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and Uli Jon Roth), vocals, Andreas Eriksson – lead guitars,  Wil Taylor – guitars, Colin Parkinson – bass guitar , Phil Beaver - drums. Nathan James' s voice is powerful and displays a wide tonal range, in a variety of styles, from all out rockers to slow bluesy ballads. His ability to infuse genuine feeling into the music, is one of the keys to its appeal. The amazing dual guitar performance by Andreas Eriksson and Wil Taylor exhibit great chemistry while the rhythm section of bassist Colin Parkinson and drummer Phil Beaver provide Inglorious with a rock hard and solid foundation. Together these fine musicians truly shine and deliver and recording that is truly special. From the muscular opener "Until I Die", it is obvious that these boys mean business. As they unleash a barrage of rockers in the form of, "Breakaway" and "High Flying Gypsy". The tempo shifts with the laid back swagger of "Holy Water" and "Bleed For You", then picks up once again with, " Girl Got A Gun", "You're Mine" and "Inglorious" before closing things out with the soulful closer "Wake". Overall, this is a mid-paced bluesy hard rock release, with evident influences from Led Zeppelin, early Whitesnake and some other British hard rock bands. These songs are also catchy and are played with a deep feeling and attitude. If you like your rock music, Bluesy, hard-hitting, melodic, soulful, and impassioned, then Inglorious's debut release is a must have!! - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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