Saturday, August 6, 2016


BLACK WATER by Cattarse
(Independent Release)

While Cattarse's sound, like a lot of these retro/stoner type bands, involves a great deal of old school Black Sabbath worship, this Brazilian rock trio reaches back to some of the more obscure sounds of the early ‘70s hard rock scene, like Sir Lord Baltimore, Blue Cheer, and High Tide. Founded in 2008, by brothers Igor van der Laan (guitar/vocals) and Yuri van der Laan (Bass). The band's nine song debut release, 'Black Water' is heavy, fuzzy and has a great groove and a nice sense of melody. Heavy riffs and grooving rhythms dominate. This album is the one that truly sounds like it could actually have been released back in 1970. A solid listen front to back. Highlights include, “Walking on Glass,” “Mr. Grimm”, “Meet me in the Darkness ”, "Fire in the Hole" and the title track. Each song is like an epic mini jam session but in an easily digestible run time so you can't really get bored with any of the songs and they each have their unique riffs and nuances. This is the type of music which makes me picture me playing my old turntable cranked to full volume and pissing off the neighbors. Tough to find new bands these days who are original, but can evoke the way back machine into the early 70's hard rock vibe without being mere copycats and sounding cliche. Cattarse serve up a lean, filler-free album. This band is the real deal. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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