Monday, August 22, 2016


(Z Records)

Guitarist extraordinaire, Vince O' Reagan returns with third release, 'Polymorphic Tragedy'. A rock solid effort, Vince O' Reagan is so melodic in his playing that he reminds me of Vinny Burns (who I am a big fan of as well!), the songs on this recording just flow! Most of the vocals on this effort are courtesy of Keith St. John (Burning Rain), along with Paul Sabu and Phil Vincent who all do an awesome job. Sure, Vince O' Reagan might indulge in the occasional inclination towards shredding, but when the songs are this full of excellent licks and riffs, all is easily forgiven. Overall, ''Polymorphic Tragedy' is chock block full of the great melodic hard rock that it likely cannot be all consumed in just one sitting (it takes at least one repeat listen to absorb the whole thing.) I appreciate a player who doesn't bore me. All of the tracks are well written. Highlights include, "Unchain Me Tonight", "Welcome To The Real World", "Long Way to Go" and "Masquerade". If you love great, grooving,  melodic hard-rock songs that make you crank your stereo all the way up and drive too fast, this recording is definitely worth checking out. Just be warned: Vince O Reagan and the band is not responsible for any legal ramifications you may suffer for the lead foot you'll experience if you listen to 'Polymorphic Tragedy' while driving! 

 - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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