Wednesday, August 31, 2016


ONE FOR THE ROAD by King Company
(Frontier Records)

Finnish rockers King Company breakout out onto the rock music scene with their powerful debut release, 'One For The Road'. The band is comprised of, Pasi Rantanen (vocals), Antti Wirman (guitar), Jari Pailamo (keyboards), Time Schleifer (bass) and Mirka Rantanen (drums). The Band's debut album is simply an incredible slab of melodic hard  rock. It's has all the elements that any rock music fan could want. The band's biggest influences come from iconic rock bands such as Deep Purple, Rainbow and Whitesnake, but also from other great acts like Europe, Mr Big, Lynch Mob, and Dokken. From Antti Wirman's slamming guitar hooks to Pasi Rantanen's raspy (but powerful) voice, what can you say about this guy, absolutely powerhouse singing, to that upbeat tempo that makes this album impossible to listen to while sitting still. You just have to get up and move when a songs like, "One For The Road","Shinning", "Wheels Of No Return" and "Coming Back To Life" come on. Even the laid back number, "No Man's Land" is impressive enough to keep you from hitting the skip button. King Company is a rock band that hits all of the right notes in terms of what listeners of this genre want to hear. The edge here is that this sounds fresh, energized. They are amazing musicians and manage to put their own stamp on the sound for today. Their debut offering will put smile on your face while giving you a chill going up and down your spine with the pure rock and roll greatness that is King Company. If high energy in your face melodic hard rock is your thing, then your so gonna love, 'One For The Road'. An impressive debut indeed.
- Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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