Tuesday, August 30, 2016

CD REVIEW: CRY OF DAWN Feat. Goran Edman by Cry of Dawn

CRY OF DAWN Feat. Goran Edman by Cry of Dawn
(Frontier Records)

Veteran singer Göran Edman returns with his highly anticipated new project Cry Of Dawn. The new project also features, Michael Palace - Guitars and bass, Sören Kronqvist - Keyboards and Daniel Flores - Drums and keyboards. This is the album Göran Edman fans have been waiting for. His unique vocal style has been embraced by numerous genres including neoclassic metal, progressive rock and AOR just to name a few. His vocals can be found on records from John Norum, Yngwie Malmsteen, Brazen Abbot, Glory among others. Göran Edman does a simply flawless job of delivering everything a melodic record needs: power, melody, and soaring energy. The production is solid and sounds open enough to let things breath. Edman gets to indulge his love of the heartfelt ballad but also gets to unleash his roar on a number of tunes and the upbeat nature of many of the tracks really keeps this from being a rather easily dismissed wimpfest. Highlights include, "Chance",  "Listen To Me," "When Right Is Wrong", "Building Towers" and "Hands Around My Heart" but the whole album is solid. Overall, Cry Of Dawn's debut is pure melodic rock gold. It has that vintage AOR/arena rock feel, and every aspect from the songwriting to the musicianship to the vocals to the production is absolutely top notch. This is a must-have melodic rock album any way you look at it. If you like melodic rock - old, new, European, American, whatever - do yourself a favor and pick up this album. Hats off to Göran Edman and the band for an outstanding job!
- Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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