Wednesday, August 3, 2016


MAKE SOME NOISE by The Dead Daisies
(SPV Records)

The Dead Daisies are back with album number three, 'Make Some Noise". Just like self titled debut and their sophomore effort, 'Revolucion', it's a full on rocker of a recording from start to finish. John Corabi (vocals, guitar), newest member, Doug Aldrich (guitar), David Lowy (guitar), Marco Mendoza (bass, backing vocals) and Brian Tichy (drums).  'Make Some Noise' is a powerhouse album on all counts incredibly groove laden rockers that are catchy topped by Marti Frederiksen's solid production. Every song on is top notch.  John Corabi's voice sounds better than ever, the musicianship and fluency is great, and the songs are varied without losing any punch. Favorite tracks include, "Long Way To Go", "Song And A Prayer", the title track, a smoking cover of the Credence Clearwater Revival classic, "Fortunate Son" and "All The Same". Hats off to Doug Aldrich and David Lowy for an extraordinary job in the guitar department. Exhibiting great chemistry. I have to admit, I was stoked to hear that Doug Aldrich  joined the band. What a truly amazing talent. His guitar playing gives this recording that extra shot of adrenaline. Marco Mendoza's bass playing is on point and Brian Tichy's drumming sounds awesome providing the band with a rock solid foundation. Overall, 'Make Some Noise', is a premium blend of hard rock. I have no doubt it will go down as one the best rock album of this year. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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