Monday, August 14, 2017


BLACK BAMBI by Black Bambi
(20th Century Music)

Quoting April Wine, "Rock 'N Roll is a vicious game." Just when you think things are going to all work out, in a drop of a dime your dreams of making it big a gone. Such is the story of the L.A. based rock band BlacK Bambi. If you were around during the glory days for Sunset Strip in the 80's, you knew about Black Bambi. The band comprised of, Steven Ray Anastos on lead vocals, Ronny Jones on guitars, John Grimmett on bass and Dave Casey on drums. The band's self titled debut album was supposed to be released in 1991 via Atlantic Records but was shelved. Fast forward twenty six years later, thanks to 20th Century Music, the band's debut finally gets released sees the light of day!  Better late than never, I guess. Black Bambi's debut served up a serious dose of in your face rockers that will remind some of band's like Bang Tango and Wildside, personally I thought they were much better. Nothing fancy really, pretty straight forward melodic hard rock that they delivered with adrenaline pumping attitude and energetic rock songs. The entire album is killer, and no needing to skip any tracks at all. Album highlights include, "Broken Mirror", "In The Meantime","99 And A Half", "Seven Miles" and "Down". One thing for certain, Black Bambi were definitely firing on all cylinders on this album. The musicianship, was tight as a glove and on point and Steven Ray Anastos vocals were rock solid. These guys were truly a talent to behold. I can only imagine how big these guys would have been if their debut would have not been shelved thirty years ago. Black Bambi were, hands down, one of the best rock bands to emerge from the Hollywood music scene in the 1980s and this album proves it.
 Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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