Saturday, August 12, 2017


RARE TRACKS by Dirty Dave Osti
(Grooveyard Records)

California based six string blues rock rocker, Dirty Dave Osti serves up a collection of smoking unreleased songs on his latest release, 'Rare Tracks'. The album is packed with 15 songs that pack some serious six string swagger. If your cup of tea is blues guitar riffs that grab and have your undivided attention, this album hits delivers the goods. Blues guitar riffs that hold onto your ears from start to finish. Every song is robust with plenty of guitar rips and soul, what I like in Blues. Album highlights include, the adrenaline groove of "Grooveyard Ride", "Blur The Lines", a smoking smooth take on ZZ Top's, "El Diablo", a killer rendition of the Dylan classic, "All Along The Watch Tower" and the energizing instrumental, "Mind Tripper". Dirty Dave Osti is truly an amazing guitar player that brings the raw and gritty soul of the blues upfront. He takes that grit and puts just the right amount of polish to make every song shine. The bottom line here is, Dirty Dave Osti's  'Rare Tracks', without any doubts is an essential album that shouldn't be missed by any electric blues rock fan! It's packed with power blues riff energy that won't disappoint! 
 Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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