Friday, August 18, 2017


(Independent Release)

'Hailing from Birmingham, England the five man rock and roll machine known as Devilfire breakout onto the scene with their powerful debut outing, 'Dark Manoeuvres'. Alex Cooper on vocals, the dual guitar attack of  Baz Blackett and Richard Bloomer-Davies, Davey Bennett on bass and Lars Wickett on drums. So what does Devilfire bring to the table? Basically a melodic hard rock vibe with a slightly commercial sound and slightly modern approach. However, for most part, a rock album the rocks. I know it sounds cliche, but the proof is in the music. This is the kind of album that begs to be cranked up to maximum volume. Right off the bat, the first three tracks, "Ready For War?", "She's Like Fire" and "In And Out Of Love) All Of The Time" are shots of pure rock and roll adrenaline setting the tone for the rock and roll experience that awaits. As the band fire off with swagger filled rockers like the lead off single, "Waiting For A Rock Star", "Lay It On The Line", that starts off laid back then finishes off in rocking fashion and the stimulating "Kill Your Love". All thirteen tracks offered up are rock solid with no fillers to be found. The album is strong and cohesive, and it's impossible to think any rock music fan wouldn't enjoy rocking out to this album. Devilfire is another fine example of how bad modern rock radio really is. In a perfect Hard Rock Radio World this album would and should be on regular rotation, and known by so many more of the rock and roll faithful. 'Dark Manoeuvres' by Devilfire is one better debut releases I've had the pleasure rocking out to this year.
 Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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