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Artist Interview: Andrew Hunt from BUFFALO SUMMER

Interview by The Dedicated Rocker Society

A year ago Buffalo Summer broke out onto the music scene with their powerful self-titled debut album.  The band from South Wales, Buffalo Summer formed three years ago. A lot has happened since the band’s inception. With an insatiable appetite and desire to make their mark, the band's released self- titled album was met with critical acclaim in the national music press. 

The Summer of 2013 was certainly a busy one for the band. Touring all over Europe sharing the stage with the likes of, The Graveltones, Monster Truck and recently with Skid Row and Buckcherry. The band are currently in the midst of working on their highly anticipated sophomore album. So, what could we expect? When will the new album be released?  Buffalo Summer's singer/frontman, Andrew Hunt had the answers and here is what he kindly shared with us.

Q: What's the title of the new album? 

ANDREW HUNT: We've literally just come out of the studio. We have a few album names we are debating over at the moment but nothing that's made us thing "that's the one." As soon as we've got it in the bag we will let the world know :)

Q: What can we, your fans, expect to hear from the new album? Can you give us some song titles?

AH: The new album is definitely a progression on from the self-titled debut album. We've spent the last couple of years on the road which has made the band an even tighter unit. Plus we've had all that time rehearsing and jamming together when we've been home. So the new songs are locked right into the groove. When we made the first album we literally just got the band together as friends, wrote and recorded some songs without thinking about it too much. This time we've spent a lot of time demoing the songs, living with them and then going back and forth and re-hashing them til they've sounded right. We've actually road tested a lot of the songs too so many of our European fans have had a taste of where we are going musically. It's not a vast departure from the debut album but I think this time we've hopefully created a solid body of work with well written songs full of groove and hooks. We can all play a little better, sing a little better. Some of the songs which are definitely gonna make the album are "Bird On A Wire"; "Money"; "As High As The Pines"; "Priscilla" and a very new one we wrote just before going to the studio called "Into Your Head"

Q: This last year has been quite a very busy and productive year for Buffalo Summer. What were some of the lessons learned, good or bad, from that experience? 

AH: We've spent the majority of the last year on the road. So we are pretty efficient at touring on a minimal budget. Although we've always managed to make things work somehow so that we can get out to Europe and play for the fans who've treated us very well. 
We've met some great people on the road. Other bands aswell as fans and that's one of the highlights of being a touring band. We had three weeks in Germany with Aussie band, The Graveltones. A Great bunch of guys. Monster Truck too from Canada were an amazing band. We had a such a good time on the road with the boys. Salt of the earth kind of guys :)
Then we've toured with Skid Row and Buckcherry recently. All super nice guys and really looked after us on the road. Watching the likes of those guys also helps you as an artist to keep pushing your own boundaries and refine your craft.
The only bad things really are things like driving to Spain and breaking down and missing your first show of the tour in Barcelona. Those sorts of things are in the lap of the Gods and it happens to all bands. You just have to try and stay positive Nd keep forging ahead when things like that are out of your hands.

Q: When can we expect the new album to be released?

AH: We are currently speaking to a few different labels about releasing the next record. We didn't want to jump in and sign the first thing that came along as that can be a dangerous game to play. It's got to be the right deal for us as a band. We'll go with the label that's gonna have the most belief in what we do. It's the size of the label for us... It's the people that run it. So the answer to your question we don't know exactly right now. A rough guess would be during the winter months though :)
Q: Any chances of doing any shows in America? (Particularly Los Angeles)..

AH: America is definitely on our "to do" list. It's a place we want to be. Part of securing the right deal for us will be the willingness to help us tour America. We had an opportunity to go Stateside recently but it wasn't financially viable for us to do so right now. With the right guys on board though I'm pretty sure we'll be in LA next year. 

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