Wednesday, July 2, 2014


DIE TOUGH by LoudLion
(Melodic Rock Records)

The first time LoudLion caught my attention was back in 2004. The band did the title track for the horror flick, 'The Hills Have Eyes 2'. Then they reappeared on the soundtrack for the movie, 'Balls Of Fury' in 2010.  The band's debut. 'Die Tough' finally sees the light of day! LoudLion is the brain child of pop/rock icon Bleu (vocals) who together with Taylor Locke (Bleu's co-creator & main partner in LoudLion, most widely known as the lead guitarist for Rooney), Adam Ross (Rihanna's touring guitarist), Allison Robertson (The Donnas lead guitarist), Maclaine Diemer (Bang Camaro - keyboards, guitar), John Fields (uber producer), and Dylan Halacy (Bang Camaro - drums) paying homage to Mutt Lange (known for his endurance in the studio and innovations in multitrack recording) and Def Leppard. 'Die Tough' features nine original songs "in the style of" classic Def Leppard. Right off the bat, you can hear Mutt' s production influence. As soon as, "Love Will Break Your Heart" fires out of your speakers you'd swear you were listening to something off 'Hysteria'. No B.S., I thought I was listening to Def Leppard! The bombastic arena rock vibe continues with, "Lion's Den" a track that is insanely catchy and infectious hard rock with hooky staccato beats and guitar licks. While "Lion Eyes", has that sounds like a hybrid version of "Photograph". Then there is "Die Tuff", that has that "Love Bites" feel to it, tastefully weaving in some delicious melodic guitar leads into its mix of huge, meaty hooks. Other  highlights are, "Sunset Slip", "Dawn Of The Dead", "The Hills Have Eyes" and "No More Fast", featuring Adam Ross unleashing his fingers on his fretboard! All the songs are all top notch loaded with that Mutt Lange magic with catchy hooks that instantly grab your attention and stay in your head as soon as you hear them. In no way, am I am knocking LoudLion by drawing the comparisons. It's just, 'Die Tough' in my opinion, is the album Def Leppard should have recorded after 'Hysteria'. I enjoyed 'Die Tough' a lot. You know you are listening to a good album when you can play it over and over for hours on end. Right? Take the time and take a listen to LoudLion I promise you will not be disappointed. These guys are awesome! Great job guys! -Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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